Leaving Soon!

The day is getting close to leaving for my trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts to go in search of my family roots.  I am having mixed feelings of excitement, worry and anticipation!!!

This is going to be a BIG trip and I have a lot planned.  I probably won’t be able to do it all but at least I have my itinerary ready and can pick and choose.  The last trip I blogged was hard to do as I traveled about so this blog has been set up in advance.  As you can see I have some links to the right already for you to explore.  You will have to read the posts to know what happens there or why I am interested in that particular link.  Some are just for information about Connecticut and Massachusetts and more. 

I will be going back further into time for the Goss history and living in the 1600 to early 1700’s.  The Barclay’s are about 1830 to 1857 in Connecticut but I have not yet been able to prove this.

The other problem is the weather…there is a Storm advisory for parts of Massachusetts for today Friday and Saturday April 1 and 2 (maybe it is a joke for April Fools Day!!) and they are threatening 5 inches or more of snow!  I can drive on it but I would rather not.  Hopefully by the time I get to these places that could be a problem it will get better. It has also been cold there.  I am use to rain and dampness so I have made plans for it. Hmmm…might be a little better than expected?

The radar map: http://www.wunderground.com/radar/mixedcomposite.asp?region=a5&size=2x&ID=BOX19

A cousin and I traveled in Ohio in August of 2007 and we ran into flooding and she was unable to go to an archive she wanted because they closed up as a result.  We were glued to the TV set!!!  A thunder and lighting storm in Mt. Vernon, Ohio happened while we were at the public library there.  That can happen on a trip like this..unpredictable events.  Let’s hope I still have good travel karma? 

So I am in the process of making last minute preparations and plans.  Talk to you soon!

House in Windsor, CT 2007

This house was so wonderful to see.  This time a lot more photos and maybe a video or two to YouTube?


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