Saturday, April 9, 2011: More NERGConference

The morning came fast and I really didn’t sleep that well.  The conference needed help so I opted for collecting breakfast tickets and this means I have to be there by 6:15 am.  My shift will be 6:30 to 9 a.m.

NERGConference 2011

Exhibit Hall

Laura Prescott Friday Luncheon

Paul Milner Friday Banquet

It was fun to stand there and collect the tickets for the Continental Breakfast.  Everyone passed by happy but sleepy.  I gave myself the challenge of holding the tickets in my hand and feeling them grown in bulk as I collected them from the conference goers.  I marvel at the people who work in hotels.  The three young persons who were setting up for the breakfast did so in about 10 minutes. 

The morning went by quickly and it was soon 9 am so I took the remaining tickets down to the Volunteer booth.  Russ my fellow volunteer and taken the bulk of them and wanted to attend a class so I stayed behind that last 40 minutes.  Happily I got about 12 more tickets so I was pleased.

Luncheon was sponsored by the New England Chapter of the APG. I befriended the President at the National Genealogical Conference in Salt Lake City in 2010.  I am his friend on Facebook and I am honored to be included in his large circle of friends.  He is quite the character.  I am certain it will be a success.  His name is Tim Firkowski.  He dresses like Sherlock Holmes!  Tim specializes in Polish research, I believe.  You can learn about his adventures at his website just click on his name. My luncheon was chicken and it was good.

About 3 pm I headed to the Legacy (a genealogy software) booth in the Exhibit Hall and found a large group gathered and crowded around the booth. They were doing the drawing for the Notebook computer prize.  Someone by the name of Debbie was the lucky person.   Hmmmm…..oh well, if it doesn’t have a way to attach a LCD projector than it might just not work for me? Sigh…..!

I opted for the Advanced Deed Class from 4 pm to 6 pm.  This class was presented by Carol E. McCoy, Ph.D.  I did not get a chance to ask her about a “Referee Deed” that I had found regarding Daniel D. Spracklin and his Estate.  At the banquet I had the good fortune to sit across from her so I took the opportunity to ask her what she thought of this type of deed.  She said it was probably a deed to deal with a land conflict.  I have yet to study court documents but I suspected that the heirs were arguing over Daniel’s land.  So this goes on the to-do list for more research and also to send Carol a copy.  She was very interested.  Carol has a website and lives in Brunswick, Maine.  The one thing I came away from this workshop was that I was on the right track with deeds.  They are fun!

Social hour is 6 to 7 pm today again at the Marriott outside the banquet hall on the sixth floor.  The numbers of conference goers was starting to dwindle.  I spotted Beth whom I had met during the conference and went over and said Hello.  We decided to share the evening and sit together at the banquet.  I let her decide and she picked a table very close to the podium. 

The Banquet started at 7 pm an the guest speaker was John Philip Coletta.  John is an amazing lecturer, wonderful and always funny.  I expect to laugh a lot and did. This time it is grilled salmon and it was delicious.  I may have to start bringing my own Tartar Sauce which is a food group.  Somehow I managed to eat the very well prepared salmon. 

Well I am exhausted but happy.  It was a great conference.  Congratulations to the New England Regional Genealogical Conference Consortium.  From what I understand they will be in Manchester, New Hampshire in 2013.  They do this conference about every two years.  The total count was 820 people – a record – and only about 85 people beyond Hartford. 

Time to go back to the room and start packing up and getting ready for the next phase of the my trip in New England.  I am heading east on Sunday to Sturbridge and my destination is the Brookfields.  The next several days are going to be the most interesting and exciting of the trip. 

Time for bed!


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