Thursday, April 14, 2011: Bolton and the Rev. Thomas Goss

I had no time left and needed to get on the road.  So I headed east past the Old Common Burial Field on the Old Common Road and past the Eastwood Cemetery on Wilder Road.

So my next stop was the South Cemetery in Bolton where I had determined that the Rev. Thomas Goss’ Memorial by his friends was located.  I found the cemetery with a little bit of getting lost and just dumb luck.  It is on the S. Bolton Road off the Berlin Rd. 

I walked that whole older section with no luck.  Drove around the rest but I could not find the gravestone or the memorial plaque for the Rev. Thomas Goss?  If anyone knows where it is please let me know.  I really wanted to get a photo with me and this memorial. 

South Cemetery, Bolton, MA

The Rev. Thomas Goss was the pastor for the Bolton Church for 40 years when they kicked him out.  He had loyalist leanings.  One of his sons went north to get out of the area for awhile.  This man was a son of Capt. Philip and Judith. 

I did make it to Bolton and found the Bolton Library and tried to figure out where the Rev. Thomas Goss’ house use to be.  I was not having any luck.  Next time I will arrange with the Bolton Historical Society to visit and have them help me with these historical events. I really didn’t have the time this time.  I was told that they have a lot of information on the Goss family but they have not specified if it is about the Rev. Thomas Goss family only. 

Bolton Public Library

I stopped at the Apple Harvest in Bolton which is a nice place to stop for groceries and food to go.  They have other items as well like canned goods. I faced the car west and headed up 117 to Hwy I90.


8 thoughts on “Thursday, April 14, 2011: Bolton and the Rev. Thomas Goss

  1. According to a town survey, “There are three table stones here, all with marble or slate tops. One, with the inscription on its marble top nearly effaced, stands on massive chamfered granite legs. The other two have slate tops on brick bases. One is to Bolton's first minister, the Rev. Thomas Goss, with a long inscription in Latin. The other was installed by the Richardson family (see Form #179–101 Wilder Road), and lists six of their members, including Caleb, Joshua, and James.”


  2. Hello: That was the problem. I was not looking for the stone table type. Thank you for this information. I do plan to return but that will be in a few years.


  3. Good news – Rev. Thomas Goss' stone was found and photographed! The marble top monument, as mentioned in the survey, is for Abraham Moore. I'll be posting these three monuments to FindAGrave.

    Bad news – the reverend's inscription is in Latin.

    Anyone know Latin?


  4. I think you mean Bolton Orchards, not Apple Harvest? Bolton Orchards is at the corner of routes 117 and 110; they have a great selection of products: fresh produce, deli, pre-made sandwiches, ice cream, and of course, apples galore! Not to mention Gerardo's Bakery. Yum.


  5. My macaroni salad was delicious! Thanks for helping out. I didn't have time for more exploring but it looked like a great place to get some good food! You don't always find good places when you are traveling!


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