Aftermath of a Genealogical Research Trip!

About a week and half has passed since I returned home from my trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts and it took about a week to finally feel like I was really home.  Everything seemed the same but I think my brain was still back in New England.  My two cats looked at me funny but they seem to be okay now!

Just a little while ago I went to my Dashboard at Massachusetts Meanderings and more and almost fell off my chair.  I have two followers, WOW!  Happy Dance!! Thank you to my two followers!!

Monday, my shipment of books and brochures came from Simsbury and that means that I am all complete.  No major losses of research or anything.  On the trip I did misplace my jacket but the B&B sent it to me and my prescription glasses which I retrieved.  Whew!

I promised myself I would not indulge too much in books but I did buy a few.  I have mentioned some of them in the various posts but here is the list again if you are curious.  As for brochures, well I over did those but I am not going to publish them here it would take forever.  I suggest you to my links on the right some are taken from the brochures on archives and travel sites that I thought would be very interesting. I might add more as I review my research. 

Books purchased or were obtained on my trip to New England 2011
The Original Proprietors, Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford, Inc.
By Their Markers Ye Shall Know Them, A Chronicle of the History and Restorations of Hartford’s Ancient Burying Ground, William Hosley and Shepherd M. Holcombe, Sr., 1994.

Olde Houses of the Quaboag Plantation, no date. Obtained at the Quaboag Historical Society.  Also contains a map to the locations of the houses.

Quaboag Plantation alias Brookefeild, and History of East Brookfield, Massachusetts, 1686-1970, by Louise E. Roy, M.D., 1965.  These you can probably get online at Google Books or Internet Archive or something like that. 

Program and Souvenir 300th Anniversary Celebration of the Settlement of Quaboag Plantation, 1660 to 1960″ pamphlet.  Contains pictures, articles etc.

350th Parade & Weekend Celebrations – Sept. 18 & 19, 2010 – Quaboag Plantation 1660-2010 newspaper program guide.

“Map of the Brookfields, with historic markers and a key, West Brookfield Historic Commission.  A smaller version is on their website along with the key. 

Quabbin a History and Explorers’ Guide by Michael Tougias.  I wonder how many graves were missed when they flooded the area years back.

A New England Village, by Joseph S. Wood
An Historic Tour of Becket, Massachusetts, Edited and Compiled by Beverly K. Lambert for the Becket Historical Commission, no date for publication. I obtained this copy at the Becket Athenaeum in North Becket.
Bicentennial History of Becket, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, 1765-1965, Cathaline Alford Archer and Mitchell J. Mulholland 3rd printing 2006.  Paul H. Goss knew Mrs. Archer and that she was working on a history of Becket.  I have seen this book before but while at the Becket Athenaeum I decided to buy it.  $15.00 for this and $3 for the tour booklet.
Now you will probably think I am nuts because I have done this blog on my trip and that is pretty good in documenting it?  Well, I also journaled it but that usually has more personal stuff in it and I won’t publish that. So I will be working on that and it might lead to some more posts.  I have my photographs to get all organized and then I plan to publish them. I took some videos of several cemeteries and I have never uploaded to the web so that could be a very interesting experience but that is going to be awhile. 
I didn’t get as many pictures of the Connecticut River that I had intended to.  I was finding it difficult to find vantage points that would reveal this river.  Sometimes she was brown in color, or lazy looking.  I could barely get a glimpse as you can see in this picture from St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Enfield.  Fortunately the leaves had not filled out the trees and bushes so that helped.  Still not as good as I would have liked. 

Near Hatfield, MA



7 thoughts on “Aftermath of a Genealogical Research Trip!

  1. Bonnie, I absolutely loved following you around on your trip. Although we already wrote an email, I wanted to say that I will be mentioning your blog on mine this coming Friday. I am almost sorry your trip is done.


  2. Thank you so much. Blogger was giving me trouble so I hope it made sense. Have you been to any of the Quabbin area? Didn't get a chance but I am fascintated!


  3. I have been out to the Quabbin area, but not for many years. I keep saying we should take a day trip, but it just hasn't happened. Very interesting area. I noticed you mentioned Enfield, and I wondered if you were interested in the area. There are other towns/villages in central MA that disappeared or were “moved.” Since you were in Sterling, did you drive through West Boylston? The empty stone church on the banks of the reservoir is from the original town location. Also, one of the towns I'm researching, Coldbrook Springs, was taken for the Barre Dam. Sometimes it's tough to do research when the place you are researching isn't there anymore. It's all very interesting…


  4. Oops, I was just rereading your town lists and noticed you were in Enfield, CT! After reading your blog last night, I mixed it up this morning and thought you were researching Enfield, MA since you were out in that general direction. Enfield, MA is one of the towns taken for Quabbin. I don't want the people in Enfield, CT getting nervous that their town has disappeared or is under water! 😉


  5. Enfield, CT is my main interest for the Barclay family. However, Quabbin is amazing. I missed the Stone Church. I was driving at the time and just didn't manage to locate it. Things do get confusing sometimes. It looked lovely from the online photos I have seen. I realized while in Lancaster that I was just going to have to return to the area and do more exploring. We have a similar situation with the Columbia River here in Washington State. The dams built on it flooded areas that had burials. A lot were moved but??? I just have this feeling that is why a lot of ancestors have gone missing!


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