Washington DC: The DAR Library, A Third Visit!

On Thursday, May 26th, I visited the DAR Library again!  I had been to the Daughters of the American Revolution Library in 2000 and then in 2008.  I was returning and I was looking forward to it!  I was not going to be as intense as I had in 2008.  I had been to the library about 5 days in a row to look for Goss sources and accomplished more than I realized.  Apparently I had done well for I as not finding anything of too much significance to search for this time.  That means I am getting to the bottom of it all.  I found a lot of the old sources Paul and Flora used and solved a lot of puzzles.  There are some that I cannot figure out but that is probably okay back in the 1930’s and 1940’s they used a shorthand that can be quite confusing.  Since then a lot have been republished and that has caused some interesting challenges.

This time it was going to be a little less frantic.  I did have several things in mind.  I walked from my hotel down Pennsylvania Avenue for a good 6+ blocks in the warm muggy weather. 

Statue of George Washington at One Washington Circle

People on the move on Pennsylvania Avenue

Turning down 17th the Washington Monument in the distance!

I then turned down 17th and was at the DAR library in about 4-5? blocks.  All was the same on the outside. 

A glimpse of the DAR as you approach

Their sign announcing the DAR

Banners along the north side….

The entrance is on the north in the middle of the block.  I stopped at the security desk and received a visitor pass.  I headed for the library and found that they had opened the double doors for entry and you didn’t get to walk through the small narrow door.  Instead of $5.00 it was now $6.00 for non-members at the library desk.  Back in 2008 by the time I was done I knew the library pretty good but I had forgotten. 

Announcing the Entrance to the left…

1776 Entrance…

The Main Foyer…

The double door entrance

It as time to settle in at my favorite spot at the tables which is the last row on the left.  I took my time setting up and studied my first problem to solve. 

Entering the Library at the DAR

Now it is time to dig into the research and just enjoy being in a place that make me happy!


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