The Dar Library: The Seimes Technology Center

My next stop was the Seimes Technology Center down the hallway from the DAR Library.  The first goal was to look at the Windsor, Vermont history seeking information for Stephen Delano.  I had obtained the one DAR application that was listed for him as a patriot the last time I visited.  I wanted to follow up on the more sources. 

Entrance to the Seimes Technology Center at the DAR

The assistant at the desk helped me out and even put the film in the microfilm reader.  I found the pages I needed and made my copies after some technical difficulties. 

The assistant then showed me how to search for a GRC source on the computer at the Seimes Center.    They have the digital pages from these GRC sources on the computer.  WOW!  I had found the GRC sources a bit hard at times in the library on my last visit so this was pretty easy and nice to be able to find them on the computer.  Seems to me all I was able to get from the website was an index listing of the GRC.  I didn’t have much luck on the Evergreen Cemetery in Winchester, NH.  I was hoping someone had done a cemetery publication. 

So I was happily playing with the computer clicking on this and that and decided to revisit the Ancestor tab, Member tab and several other tabs and make sure I have all the DAR applications that I want.  I had done quite well the last time I was there.  So I put in some names and found some more original applications and in addition supplemental applications. The DAR has been busy adding more information. One of the supplementals was for Flora Montanye Osborn.  Now last time I obtained her original application in which she entered through Caleb Rice.  This time there was a supplement application for “Philip Goss.”  YES!!!! Happy DANCE! I knew she had not done all the work on Philip Goss and corresponded with Paul H. Goss for nothing!

So I spent some time revisiting the applications to make sure I had all that I wanted.  I revisited Delano and Goss.  Now these applications cost $15.00 from home and $10.00 at the center. 

After this grand finale I had come to the end of my visit to the DAR Library. 

A fond look at the DAR Library stacks…

I have mentioned the Delano surname several times.  Well they also have an association which is called the Delano Kindred.  I am a member and have been for several years. They are not as strict as some organizations and you can join easily.  After you join you can submit your genealogy which is something that is on my ToDo list.  The website is at:  They had the Delano Genealogies online for members at one time but they did have had some technical difficulties and I have not been back in awhile.  They are having their reunion in Stillwater, MN this coming year, I believe.  I was tempted.  They like to have the reunion around the country in order to open it to Delano surnames.  They also have a newsletter.  I just received my mailing but didn’t have time to look at it before we left for DC.  Does the name Muriel Cushing mean anything to any of you?  Think she is running for President this year for the Kindred.  They have a bookstore and that gives some titles you will want to check out, but if you become a member you may be able to access some things so check them out first. 

I walked back to the hotel via Pennsylvania Avenue after I stopped for a little lunch and a cool drink.  It was really muggy.  My body from the Puget Sound area does not to heat well.  So I trudged along slowly and stopped at this amazing foundatin of water.  It is sliding down the wall….!!!

A cool water fountain on Pennsylvania Ave on the way back to the hotel

I had to run my hands through it.  It was a bit cool but not as much as you would expect. 

Dinner this evening would be at RIS which was one block from our hotel.  My hubby has been to DC many times and knows it pretty well so he has a lot of fun finding interesting restaurants to show me.  Apparently this RIS is a woman who has made a name for herself in DC.


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