Catching Up! My Massachusetts Meandering Binder!

I have learned that after a trip it is vital that I get all my information and research sourced and filed properly.   If I let it slide and come back to it later I wonder what I was trying to do or realize I don’t remember!!!

So I am happy to report that my binder for my blog and trip Massachusetts Meanderings is organized with tabs and a wonderful Table of Contents.

It is all in a 4 inch Binder, yup…4 inches and it is full.  What is in it…everything that has to do with my trip to Massachusetts and Connecticut and the blog.  LOVE IT, all in one place.  Of course I have my files and photos on the computer but that is under my Genealogical Trips folder which include the original itinerary, my trip journal and my blog book – a copy of my posts in Word, the photos of the trip in nice files with topics, and of course the research which will need to be moved to the Research surname files and sourced. 

1.  Table of Contents – very detailed because I am forgetting already???
2.  Copy of the Journal of my first trip to Connecticut
3.  Picasa Public Photos – a thumbnail of the tombstones printed out.
4.  Blogger list of my posts – several pages
5.  Streets and Trips maps – I did some editing so these are the important ones
6.  Cemetery forms with the back up pages that I was using to find the graves.
7.  Blog posts printed out in black and white and doublesided.  Lots of pages.
8.  Itinerary for each of the days with edits and my scribbles
9.  Travel documents that I want to keep for awhile – reservations, airline stuff etc.
10.  Maps I picked up – in plastic sleeves and other information I want to keep for awhile.
11.  Emails I had connecting with people that I feel are important – making appointments etc.
12.  Brochures and pamphlets of various repositories and societies as well as travel, also in plastic sleeves.

Everything is sorted in sections in between tabs so that I can find it by that event like when I visited The Brookfields or Lancaster. 

In the past I had a travel file folder, a research files, pictures and everything in many places and it was difficult to remember where things were.  So having it all in one place is really nice.  Most is on the computer so I can at some point in a couple of years dissemble it and reuse the binder for something else. 

Yeah, I know I am nuts or obssessed but I have learned that if I don’t document a trip and organize it when I get home, I forget and it is more painful to piece it together later!  Trips are sources. I wish my cousin Paul had been more diligent about documenting his trips to interview the family in Pennsylvania back in the 1930’s and 1940’s. 

Now I still have some things to do but that can be done over the next months.


2 thoughts on “Catching Up! My Massachusetts Meandering Binder!

  1. That is a fantastic idea! I just got back from a much shorter trip than yours and I can see where putting everything together in a notebook until I can analyze, document and organize would be extremely helpful. I love the Table of Contents too.


  2. Thank you. I have learned that if I don't do this, I do forget. I like to journal my trips as well for future reference. This was a big project and I find myself referring back to it. It isn't hard to do because I have a binder prior to the trip and I use the pages clipping them together then add the itinerary, notes, maps for each day and it works. Have fun!


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