A Surprise In the Mail: Abel Goss of Lower Waterford, Vermont published 2011

I have always loved surprises and this was a good one.  In the mail came a beautiful dark green bound book .  It smells wonderful it is so new and the pages of this book are shinny and crisp.  It was written by my half 8th cousin once removed, David Philip Goss. I am serious!  At least that is what my Legacy Database tells me about our connection? 

Our common ancestor is Philip Goss (I) of Roxbury who later migrated to Lancaster and is buried there in the Old Settler Burial Field in Lancaster (the one over the railroad tracks) with the date 1698 as his death.  This Philip married twice. first to Hannah Hopkins whom I descend from and second, he married Mary Prescott in 1690.  She was a granddaughter of John Prescott founder of Lancaster.  My half cousin descends from Philip and Mary’s son John Goss, a half brother to my Capt. Philip Goss who is buried in the Old Indian Cemetery in Brookfield with his wife Judith Hayward Goss.

The book is:  Abel Goss of Lower Waterford, by David Philip Goss, Otter Bay Books, 2011. 

This book is literally “hot off the press.” 

My half cousin found this blog and was very surprised to see his name and manuscript listed in the post dated Monday, April 25, 2011 – For Thursday, April 14, 2011 Winchester, New Hampshire.  I had yet to introduce myself and one day I got this wonderful email from a happy excited person.  So I guess we are now even for he has surprised me with this wonderful book which is an updated and expanded version of the PDF I mentioned in the Winchester post. 

This is exciting because David takes the descendancy of Philip Goss of Roxbury and Mary Prescott Goss down through their son John Goss and his wife Mary (Woods) Goss to their son Philip Goss who was the one that married Hannah Ball and tells the real story.  This family left Lancaster, Massachusetts and headed up to New Hampshire and settled there.  Meanwhile another Philip Goss, a cousin and a son of Philip Goss (III) of Brookfield and Keziah Cooley, headed to North Granby, Granville, Becket and then to the Wyoming Valley where the Susquehanna River flows.  Some of the descendants of that Philip stayed there in the Luzerne County, Pennsylvania area and others headed further west to Ohio. This is my line. 

Meanwhile, Philip and Hannah Gosses children headed to other parts of New Hampshire and Vermont and then they went west to places like Wisconsin, Colorado and Washington State! Here is a brief summary of the descendancy discussed in the book: 

Philip Goss of Roxbury and Lancaster marries a 2nd time to Mary Prescott
John Goss, their, son, marries Mary Woods and their son is named Philip Goss.
Philip Goss marries Hannah Ball and migrates to Winchester, NH and settled there.
Their son Abel Goss married Irene Sprague and they name a son Abel.
This Abel married Amanda Hebard of Waterford, Vermont
From there the line goes down to David the writer and compiler of this new book.

The book has an index, footnotes with abundant sources, great photographs and examples of documents.  David writes lots of narrative and explanations.  A job well done!

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this book, please contact the writer of this blog or leave a comment and I will be happy to get you in touch with David.


15 thoughts on “A Surprise In the Mail: Abel Goss of Lower Waterford, Vermont published 2011

  1. Hi! I'm new to this blog but as a Goss I am interested in obtaining a copy of David's book on Abel Goss as Abel is an ancestor as well. Basically I'm looking for ways to document our line to Abel through a son, Richard and then through Richard's son Horace Sprague Goss. I'm hoping this book will have references to those sources. Thank you,
    Gerald Goss


  2. Hi! I'm new to this blog but as a Goss I am interested in any findings regarding the family. I am interested in obtaining a copy of David Goss' book on Abel Goss as I am trying to document my line to him through a son, Richard and hope that his book will provide references I can use to do this. Thank you.
    Gerald (Jerry) Goss


  3. Jerry: Thanks for stopping by. I will forward your message to David and we will see if he can help. I am off to Ohio Tuesday so I am a bit frantic and don't have time to help at the moment. If you are patient and can wait till after 9/7/2011 I might be able to give you some sources to check out. Meanwhile lets see what David can do? This is not my line but I do have some info.


  4. Hi,
    I just learned of the book through a review in NEHGR 65: 300-1. As I broke through the secrecy of my adoption less than a year and a half ago, and am playing catch up, this is very exciting news, cousin….well half-cousin, but I don't quibble ; ) Your blog further convinced me this is a must have book. Like Jerry I descend from Richard, but through his son Levi, who is my 3rd great grandfather. Richard Goss's wife, Betsy Buck, has a few hurdles to surmount. Fortunately, I have tremendous resources available here in Washington DC, including the local Mayflower Society library. You can contact me through karstmd(at)verizon.net Miles Drake


  5. Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by. I will try to email you and see if it works. I will get you in touch with the author. I have been to the Mayflower Society several times and it is wonderful. It is responsible for this Goss madness of mind. HA!


  6. Well that was not good, I removed a comment by accident, so sorry. Jeff Marble wrote, Jeff please comment again, I messed up.

    November 17, 2013

    Greetings. My name is Jeff Marble, grandson of Arthur and Helen Knight who lived in the second home Abel Goss built in the White Village at Waterford, Vermont. The Knights maintained a minor history of Abel Goss and family and I remember my parents and grandparents tipping tables in the front library of the Waterford house asking for Abel to grace them with his presence. Is there a picture of Abel in the book mentioned in this blog? We have an untitled portrait that we have always suspected was a young Abel Goss.


  7. Hi Bonnie another cousin here. I am also a descendent of your Goss line. My maiden name is Seward, I am a descendent of Enos and Sarah Goss Seward thru their son Gad. I still live in the Wyoming Valley and found your blog and found it quite interesting. I especially enjoyed reading about your trip to Pa. I grew up only a few miles from the Old Goss Cemetery and remember visiting it with my dad as a child to visit our ancestors graves (it was an overgrown mess even then) I have a history written by by great aunt in the 40's with some help by Paul H Goss which also doesn't list Mary Goss as a daughter of Philip and Mary Kendall Goss. I also received info from another cousin who said Mayflower Society is disputing that she was their daughter Wondering if you had further info about Mary that I don't have Thanks Sherry


  8. Sherry: The Seward Family has provided information over my years of researching these families. I am glad you stopped by. I am planning to post about these families but probably not till next year. I do have information about Mary. Unfortunately, Blogger does not give me access to your email so if you want to chat more you can try me at bjmcdonell@gmail.com


  9. Ran into this info while hunting for Goss family relations. My wife Nancy (Goss) Eaton decended from Abel Goss through his son Richard Goss and Richard’s son Levi Goss through Levi’s son Ulysses Grant Goss. Hopefully I will be able to pick up one of the Abel Goss books. Peter Eaton


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