Moving on!

This blog has been a big project. However, the time has come for me to move on.  I feel I have accomplished what I intended. So I am pleased. 

The Connecticut River north of Hatfield, MA

I would like to thank all my followers, seeing your fun icons as been wonderful and I am very touched that you have joined me in this quest of mine.  So this blog is technically completed. I will not be posting to it very much anymore.  It will stay on Blogger for some time and I will refer to it in my other blogs.  I am still getting comments from viewers and that is great.  Any information that others wish to share is welcomed. 
I would like to give special thanks to Barbara Poole of “Life from the Roots” and Heather Rojo of “Nutfield Genealogy” for their support.  Their blogs are awesome!  I would also like to thank another person who is connected with FindAGrave and more.  Thank you for caring! 

I have struggled with this decision.  I had intended to add the Ohio trip that I am planning for August 2011 which is more Goss history and other lines of my family, but…it will just not work and become to large to manage and maybe be a little confusing?

This blog was my traveling in Massachusetts and Connecticut in search of Goss and Barclay history and I think it is best served in that manner.  My husband was a little surprised to see the Carmel added and I defended that with “it has “more” in the title at the end!  He responded …something about the whole world.  Hmmm… a little indulgence on my part.  HA!

So I am off to create another blog for the time has come to start the on the Goss family and the allied families that married into Goss and vice versa and share what I have and what I know and don’t know.  This is going to be another big job and it will include highlights of the trip to Ohio. 
The new blog is:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Township in Ohio is a little different than Blogger.  They do not have icons for followers.  Instead, they have where you can sign up with your email (strictly private) as a widget and I put that on the right side (side bar) of my blog.  They also have comments (like Blogger).  I can tell if you are stopping by with the stats which Blogger has too but with WordPress they are right there on my dashboard. 

Solomon Goss was a son of Philip and Mary (Kendall) Goss.  The Philip Goss who left Brookfield to go to Simsbury, North Granby, then to Granville and up to Becket.  From Becket his restless feet took him to the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania where the Susquehanna River flows. This is now known as Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t back then. It was part of Connecticut. 

Solomon left Pennsylvania with his wife Olive (Scott) Goss and family and headed west to a place now called Dayton, Ohio about 1792 and then to Marietta where he settled probably by 1798 when his daughter Elizabeth married Andrew Lake. Solomon and Olive are my 4th great grandparents.  If they had not gone to Ohio it might have been a very different story for in Ohio we find Spracklins, Delanos and Kellers who went there and settled.

I leave you with a picture of the Connecticut River in one of its more serene moods.  The first time I saw it was in East Windsor and it was swollen and looked menacing as I drove over the bridge.  That was my first trip years ago.  This trip it was brown with silt but still awesome from the French Bridge.  I planned on more photos but just didn’t get them.  I love rivers and wish they could talk.  I enjoy following them on my trips.


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