The Other Side of the Family: Canada Bound!

Are you as fascinated as I am with the way families connect?  The other side of my family had to migrate from Canada down to Minnesota and into Washington State in order to connect with this Goss family I have featured in this genealogical travel blog!

The old Goss family that I emphasized in this blog is connected to me through my father’s mother’s side of the family and through his grandmother Amarilla Barclay Dawes Urton.

Yes, Amarilla was married three times.  Her first husband George Angus Barclay was murdered in 1898.  So she remarried to a J.G. Dawes and that ended in divorce.  About 10 year later she married again to a George Urton and they were together for the remainder of their lives.  Amarilla and her life are featured in in the following blog The Barclay’s of Pine River. It is starting to get very interesting as I enter the 1890’s for Pine River, Minnesota!!  You learn about Amarilla and George and more in this blog:

The Barclay’s of Pine River:

Amarilla’s maiden name was Spracklin.  Her parents were Daniel D. Spracklin and Elizabeth Keller.  Daniel’s father was John Andrews Spracklin and he married Lydia Goss the daughter of Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss in Washington County, Ohio in 1819 and they settled in Knox County, Ohio on land her father had purchased in 1802.   I am writing about the siblings of Lydia in the blog: Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. in Ohio 

Amarilla and George had Grace and she married Ronald S. McDonald in secret in September 1898 in Hudson, Wisconsin about a month before her father George was murdered!!  Grace and Ronald lived in Minnesota where my Dad was born.   These two people are my grandparents.

Actually, I started with the MacDonald/McDonald/McDonell/Macdonell side of my family when I began researching because that is what I knew the best. Back in 1999, Canada online was very young and not like it is today.  They have come a long way and are amazing!

Some of Ronald and Grace’s children – My Dad is on the right!

This Spring of 2012, I am off to Ontario and Quebec to learn more about the origins of my great grandfather Archibald McDonell and my great grandmother Mary McDonell’s family. Yes, they were both McDonell’s.

I will also be learning more about the Boardmans and the Brown side of my family, my mother’s side!  As you can see I have deep roots in Canada.

If you have family connections to Ontario or Quebec join me as I travel along!  I will be following along two great rivers there the Ottawa and the St. Lawrence.  What stories rivers could tell sigh!

I will be attending the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference in Kingston June 1-3, 2012.  You will find more information at these links.  I will be posting on each of the two blogs below according to the research.  Don’t worry I will let you know where to look!

My Dad’s McDonell roots are featured in this blog The Man Who Lived Airplanes:

My mother’s Canadian side is featured in this blog The Boardmans and Browns of Winnipeg:

Come along and see what I learn about Canadian genealogical research!


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