Change is in the air….

Can you  believe it has been five years since I took this trip to Massachusetts.  A lot has happened since then.  I did this blog on Blogger and then moved it to WordPress and that was an interesting experience.

Within the last several months I have come to resting places on my other blogs and am now just writing for the one blog:  Solomon Goss in Fearing Twp., in Ohio  I have wrapped up the history of the Spracklin/len Family. Remember Solomon Goss’ youngest daughter Lydia married John Andrews Spracklin in 1819 in Washington Co., Ohio and they migrated to Knox Co. Ohio to live. This is my connection to the Goss family.

What this means is, I can now return to writing about Solomon Goss himself and taking it back to Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusets. This will be a big undertaking.

This blog, Massachusetts Meanderings, was a travel blog of a genealogical research trip but not really a study of a family and that is the next step. So a lot of the information in this blog will end up in the Solomon Goss Blog and hopefully that will add to the posts and make more sense and help to give a fuller picture of the history of this family.

I suggest that if you really like some of the information on this blog, I would encourage you to print out the posts or cut and past a post into Word.  The reason is that this blog will probably go away in about six months!!!

It was a great trip and I had a lot of fun and do like Massachusetts because it so easy to get around. The story of the Goss family is not done, technically I should go Boston and visit some archives there and then head west to Lancaster visiting some towns like Concord along the way.  The Brookfields were wonderful so I probably would have to return to visit them.  We will see!


2 thoughts on “Change is in the air….

  1. Rev Thomas Goss in Bolton, MA – Your trip here in 2011 was successful.
    1. Rev Thomas Goss house was adjacent (West side next to parking lot) to the Bolton Library which you had photographed
    2. Rev Goss stone in South Cemetery Bolton was right in front of you it was the stone that looked like a table with brick legs


    • Roger: Yes, it was a great trip but I really didn’t get to do much on Rev. Thomas Goss or as much as I would have liked. A kind reader helped with the his stone which I missed when visiting the cemetery (embarrassed). I know where it is now and what it looks like. I will take a look at the photograph. Thanks for stopping by. Bonnie


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