A Promise: More Cemeteries Photos of the Trip

A big goal of this trip was to visit certain important cemeteries and if I had time other cemeteries along the way.   I wish I had the time to document them all…sigh!

I have uploaded photos that I have featured on this blog from cemeteries I have visited and the extra photos I had promised as well.  I uploaded them to Picasa Web Albums.  These photographs are not copyrighted but I am the creator and I appreciate the acknowledgement.  At my Picasa Web Albums you can get more detail, study the photos in relation to each other and get a good idea of what the cemetery looks like, how big it really is and some were huge.  Then if you want to review the visit to the cemetery you can go back to this blog and find the posts related to that particular cemetery.

As of now these are open to the public under my name, Bonnie Jean MacDonald and the cemetery name and city and location at Picasa Web Albums, try this link to my public gallery of web albums:


1.  Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, CT
2.  Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, MA
3.  Granby Cemetery, Granby, CT
4.  Norton’s Cemetery, East Otis (or Otis), MA
5.  Walnut Grove Cemetery, North Brookfield, MA
6.  Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, MA
7.  Brookfield Cemetery, Brookfield, MA
8.  Old South Cemetery, Bolton, MA
9.  Center Cemetery, Peru, MA (Berkshires)
10.  Longmeadow Cemetery, Longmeadow, MA
11.  Forestville Cemetery, (Use to be East Cemetery) Bristol., MA  CT
12.  Burnham Cemetery, Montague, MA
13.  Simsbury Cemetery, (Maybe Hopmeadow for the older one?), Simsbury, CT (2 cemeteries)
14.  Palisado Cemetery, Windsor, CT – I will also add later my photos from the first trip.

More are on the way!!

For ideas on how to find out who is buried there, I did give sources or references in my past posts.  Most were found on Find A Grave:  Simsbury’s old cemetery is under Hopmeadow.  Cemeteries in the Peru and Hinsdale area of the Berkshires are listed in a publication at the Peru Public Library under their Historical section.  It is a cute small red building next to the church with the two steeples.  It is also at the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsifield.  See the links under Cemeteries to the right for more ideas.


Sunday, April 3, 2011 – Getting to Connecticut, First Stop Windsor, CT

My flight was at 6:07 am to Hartford/Springfield (Bradley International Airport) with a connection in Chicago.  Arrival at the Bradley Airport would be 4:15 pm.  Last time I arrived it was 12 midnight.  So this was much better. http://www.bradleyairport.com/home/ 

It took awhile for the bags to be delivered and I pondered the airport.  I had no memory of Bradley.  It is not a fancy airport with nothing interesting to note like some have soaring windows and art work.  They had been doing a lot of remodeling so there were big open high windows that let in the light and signs of construction.

The man at the car rental information desk told me to go through the door to the right and just wait till the shuttle came.  I didn’t have to call.  It took about 5 minutes and I was on my way to the car rental lot.  Thrifty’s lot is east of the airport on Spring St.  The driver was a little maniac and threw my computer case and I yelped not too!  Check in was swift although I had trouble hearing the young lady behind the counter and forced her to repeat things.  She was talking way too fast for my flight stressed ears.   I teased her about the snow but she assured me that I would not have any problem driving even in Massachusetts?????

My rental was a Chevy Aveo in bright white.  The plates were Massachusetts plates. Maybe they will not tailgate me too much in Connecticut???  Last time the car had New York state plates.  I was soon packed up and ready to go. 

My first goal was to return to Windsor, Connecticut and to revisit the Palisado Cemetery.  It is Sunday so nothing is open like the town offices and the historic society, but I am okay with that.  I had visited the Windsor Historical Society the last time in Connecticut.  It is wonderful.  The staff are friendly and helpful.
They have a wall of filing cabinets filled with family history and I selected several manuscripts on the Wolcotts.  I also worked on solving some source problems in the Paul H. Goss manuscripts.  (See below for more information on this society).   Paul H. Goss had done a great deal of research on our  Goss family in the 1930’s and 1940’s and I have been collecting his articles and manuscripts for over 10 years.  I have been revisiting the sources.

I had forgotten that Windsor was almost in two parts.  The actual town center with the village green and the area north of the train tracks where the cemetery and historical society are located.

A stopped at the Geissler Market (IGA) for supplies and then a little exploring of the town village green where I found the library, town hall, chamber of commerce and visitor center.  The town sign is in two parts so you have to photograph both sides. 

Palisado Cemetery, Windsor, CT 2007

Book:  Cemetery Inscriptions in Windsor, Connecticut, Copied under the Direction of the Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 1929, Second Edition 2000.  This booklet covers the Palisado, Riverside, Old Burying Ground, Elm Grove and St. Joseph’s Cemeteries and more.  It does have an index.  My copy was purchased at the Windsor Historical Society but I think you can get it at the Connecticut State Library and Connecticut Society of Genealogists.

The Palisado Cemetery is peaceful and well cared for. The Wolcotts are buried there along with many other settlers.  Simon and his father Henry are there and so is Roger (a governor of Connecticut).  I am not sure about Martha? She is listed on Simon’s tombstone but might be buried in East Windsor?  She did remarry after Simon died in 1687 to a Lt. Daniel Clarke and he is not buried in this cemetery according to the above book. She would have been about 50 years old in 1689 so I don’t think they had children.  She died in 1719 so she lived a long time after Simon’s death.

The Wolcott tombstones are hard to read and difficult to photograph because they are these flat stone with legs much like a table.  I did not have any better luck this time because I was loosing the light.  Something about sunset at 7:14 pm…hmmmm….? 

Here lies waiting for ye/Resurrection of Ye Just/Mr. Simon Wolcott/born 1625 Dyed Sept 11, 1687/Also Martha Pitkin/wife of Simon Wolcott/born 1639/Dyed Oct’r 13, 1719, pg. 77 of the book mentioned above. 

Simon and Martha Pitkin Wolcott 2007

Why am I interested in the Wolcotts, well, a grandson of Simon and Martha by the name of Benjamin Cooley married Margaret Bliss on 31 Jan 1701 in Longmeadow and they had a daughter named Keziah Cooley.  Keziah married Philip Goss on 25 Nov. 1723 in Brookfield, Massachusetts.  I call this Philip number III a grandson of the Philip Goss (Philip I) of Roxbury (Brookline) or Muddy River which are now part of Boston.  Philip Goss (I) later moved to Lancaster about 1687.  Benjamin’s father was Lt. Daniel Cooley (1651 to 1727) and his mother was Elizabeth Wolcott (Roger was her younger brother – 1662 to 1708, and a governor of Connecticut).  Elizabeth was the oldest daughter of Simon and Martha Pitkin Wolcott.  See the photos at the end of this post.

I wanted to find Oliver Ellsworth’s tombstone this time.  Oliver married into the Wolcotts.  He married Abigail Wolcott.  Abigail is a great granddaughter of Simon and Martha Wolcott and a 2nd cousin 8 times removed to me. HA! Oliver was Chief Justice and quite involved with the politics of the day.  A happy visit to his home now a museum on the north side of Windsor, CT occurred when a big truck tailgated me back in 2007.  So in order to get rid of him I turned into the Oliver Ellsworth museum area and much to my delight the DAR chapters were giving him a birthday party!  (Note the balloons in the photo below!) They had cake and tours given by the DAR ladies dressed in costume. 

What a happy find! Here is the Oliver Ellsworth Museum website link:  http://www.ctdar.org/OEH/museum.html 

They actually have a small library with books and brochures and I believe I found a genealogical lineage chart of the Wolcotts there?

Oliver Ellsworth House & Museum, Windsor, CT from the rear 2007
It took a little carefully investigating but I found Oliver Ellsworth’s tombstone which was south east of the Wolcotts.  It was much further back in the cemetery than I had realized. 

 There is also a map of  the Plan of Ancient Windsor 1640-1654 that you can obtain from the Windsor Historical Society.  Mine is dated November 2000.  It has the locations of the various settlers, roads, land names and locations.  Here is the website for this society:  http://windsorhistoricalsociety.org/   You can sign up on their email newsletter.  I highly recommend a visit and time to do some research.

Windsor Historical Society and Store 2007

The Windsor Historical Society website has a wonderful manuscript about Martha Pitkin Wolcott which is worth reading.  Martha is a very interesting lady and their are wonderful stories about how the town tried to keep her from returning to England.  

Windsor’s Town Hall – The town website is packed with information:

Windsor Public Library makes suggestions for genealogical research at this link: http://www.windsorlibrary.com/main/genealogy.php

Descendants of Henry Wolcott:  http://www.wolcottfamily.com/index.html

Book:  The History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut 1635-1891, Vol. II, by Henry R. Stiles, Picton Press, 1992.  Wolcott genealogy starts on page 798.  Purchased at the Windsor Historical Society for a good $40+.  I am sure you can find this in any large library.

Note:  Some photographs are from the 2007 visit.  The header picture is of the Palisado Cemetery in Windsor 2007.

The following photographs are from this trip.  As you can see I was loosing the light as night was coming but you at least get to see how the stone looks like. 

Here the sunlight gave one last glow on Henry and Elizabeth’s stone crypt.  The inscriptions are on the sides Henry on the left and Elizabeth on the right.  Simon’s table stone is to the left and Roger’s is to the right.

I have more photographs of this cemetery but I am going to have to do a little photo work to make them better to view.  That will probably wait till I return home in several weeks.  So there will be updates and additions to this blog to come.

Lodging:  I stayed at the Comfort Inn in East Windsor which is on Prospect Road (Hwy 5.)  Dinner was at Sophia’s Restaurant right across the street.  I remember this restaurant from the last trip.  This time it was a better dinner.  It is sort of like a Denny’s but maybe a tad better.  It was getting late and they were starting to show signs of the end of the day as the waitresses gathered for dinner at one of the tables and the lights were out in one of the sections of the restaurant. 

UPDATE:  10/10/2012 – I discovered that the pictures I had placed in this post were compromised somehow.  I suggest you go to Google Images and put Palisado Cemetery, Windsor, CT in and it will take you to the photos for that cemetery that I took in 2011 and more.