More Cemetery Photos Added!

I have continued to add more of my cemetery photos to the public Picasa Web Albums.

15.  Hazardville Cemetery, the larger and newer one in Hazardville which is part of Enfield, CT.
16.  Main Street Cemetery, Granville, MA
17.  Palisado Cemetery photos from my 2007 trip, Windsor, CT
18.  Becket Center and Cemetery, MA
19.  Middle Cemetery, Lancaster, MA
20.  Chocksett Burying Ground, Sterling, MA
21.  Old Indian Cemetery, West Brookfield, MA
22.  Old Settlers Cemetery, Lancaster, MA behind the Middle Cemetery
23.  Hillside Cemetery and the Ancient Cemetery in Thomaston, CT  (This was Hillside not Hilltop.)
24.  Evergreen Cemetery, Winchester, NH
25. North Becket and North Becket Cemetery, MA
26. Old Common Burial Ground, Common Rd., Lancaster, MA

Same link but with all 26 of them visible.

For information on how to care for a cemetery or an individual stone go to the Connecticut Gravestone Network  They have information on maintenance, photographing, documentation and related links and events. 

Donna E. Walcovy, Ph.D. gave a lecture at the NERGC in Springfield.  She has some very interesting things to say about iconography of a tombstone. I am more interested in her philosophy on how to preserve a cemetery.  She is currently involved with the Falmouth Genealogical Society and the preservation of the cemeteries in that area.  She said that if she doesn’t know how to repair a stone she will not touch it till she learns what to do to accomplish the repair properly.  This is very interesting on the preservation of this cemetery:

This site the Association of Gravestone Studies also has information on how to care for and preserve gravestones.

It is generally recommended not to do rubbings – sandstone, limestone and marble are especially vulnerable. The most interesting was that the stone(s) actually wick up the water and any chemicals in the ground used around them so they are very delicate and need to be treated with care. Also do not seal them for they need to breath. 

Because of limited time, I did not always get a great photograph of the stone.  So it does take some time and care to accomplish that task properly.  Apparently a mirror is a suggested tool to shine light onto the tombstone?  I will have to try it. 

In addition, I usually write out the inscription on the stone onto a notepad. I am afraid I was very bad and did not do that this trip.  It is so easy to forget so don’t do what I didn’t do.  Write down what you see when you are there at the cemetery.  Don’t forget to look on the backside especially of the newer stones.  

It was interesting to note that on cloudy days it would be really difficult to get anything to come out in the writing on a stone.  On sunny days I was fighting back lighting as the sun came through trees and the stones were facing in the opposite direction. Rain caused drops on my lens and that meant I had to be diligent in keeping it clean and that wasn’t easy in the pouring rain.  Lower light meant I really needed to use the tripod. I can tell that some photos are fuzzy because I moved.

I am always learning!!

One more Cemetery:

27.  Old Hazardville Cemetery in Hazardville part of Enfield, CT.