April 14, 2011 Thursday, Revisiting the Middle Cemetery, Lancaster, MA

Since I did not get to do all I had wanted in the cemeteries the day before because of the “pouring” rain I returned to the Middle Cemetery and resumed my march through it in search of Goss names. 

The Middle Cemetery in Lancaster is on Hwy 70 or what they call Main Street.  You can’t miss it.  It is on the east side of the street.

I had visually divided the Middle Cemetery up by using the outer boundaries and the roads that are outlined there.  They do not let you drive through anymore.  There are chains across the roads that access.  You can park on the green grass in front or on the side street. 

So I decided to start with the far right area up to the road and make that the first section.  I began walking an noting the names which I will make a list of later and add to a post. By the way the book by Henry S. Nourse on the vital records of Lancaster, lists the Middle Cemetery and it is not alphabetical.  Google has a copy but it is only a preview so some pages are missing.

Source:  The Birth, Marriage and Death Register Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts 1643 to 1850, by Henry Stedman Nourse.  This looks like a reprint.  The Middle Cemetery starts on page 420 and the names I am interested in are on page 426 and 427.  Try your local large library or archives for this book or search on WorldCat for the closes library. 

I did give other sources to investigate on my earlier post about this cemetery. I made a video as well and will upload that when I return home after April 24th. 

Again, I found one Goss in this first section a Sarah.  I had started at Main Street working back toward the railroad tracks.  Here is Sarah again and I do not know how she fits in to the family?

Mrs. Sarah E. Goss wife of Mr. Jonas Goss died Jan 28, 1845 aged 24
Located in the front of the cemetery in the 1st section and not near the other Gosses

I then moved over and did the next area. I worked from the railroad tracks in the back of the cemetery forward to the front near Main Street.  I was moving quickly so I did not get all names just surnames to the best of my deciphering for some are very hard to read and faded.

The middle part of the cemetery between the two roads is much larger so I divided that up in half using an obelisk type tombstone with the name Fuller to help guide me.  I worked from the front to the back.  I moved over to the other side and found what I was looking for. 
Capt. Daniel Goss and his family.  These are the descendants of John Goss and Mary W. Goss through their son William.  John Goss is a half brother to Philip Goss who married Judith and is buried in the Old Indian Cemetery in West Brookfield.

The above photo starts on the left with Mr. Jonas Goss died Oct 18, 1840, in his 61, year. An honest man is the noblest work of God.
The second large tombstone is that of Judith Goss widow of Jonas Goss died Sept 22, 1871 age 90 yrs 4 mos 11 days.  (Apparently Nourse did his readings before her death so she does not appear in his listings).
The small one is Judith Goss died Aug 21, 1807 age 4 months, Ebenezer Goss died Dec 15, 1817 age 4 years and 6 months.  Children of Mr. Jonas and Judith Goss.
The one on the far right is in Memory of Nancy Goss, daughter of Mr. Jonas and Mrs. Judith Goss who died Jan. 25, 183, aged 12 years & 2 months.  The blooming youth departs in peace; She leaves her friends and is at rest.

The above photo is Sacred to the memory of Capt. Daniel Goss who died Dec 10, 1809 age 69 He was a just man, and perfect in his generation & he walked with God. He is on the left

The tombstone on the right is: Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Eunice Goss, Relict of Capt. Daniel Goss who died Jan. 7, 1813 age 66.  A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband. A woman that feareth the Lord she shall be praised.

Behind theses are two other tombstones:
Polly widow of Capt. Daniel Goss died Jan. 21, 1856 age 80 yrs 6 mos.
Capt. Daniel Goss Jr. died June 11, 1841, age 81 yrs & 11 mns.

Once I found them, I stopped walking this cemetery. Now this might not be all the descendants and Goss names in this cemetery. Another option for a list of this cemetery is at Find A Grave, it might not be complete?  I will upload more photos and the video when I return after my trip.

I had to push on and cover a lot of highway today so I headed for the Old Settlers Burying Field and missed these Goss tombstones:

In Memory of Henry Lawton son of Mr. Henry and Mrs. Sarah D. Goss, who died Sept 2, 1830 aged 16 months.  Sleep on sweet babe and be at rest. To call the hom, God saw it best.
Mrs. Rebecca Goss, wife of Capt. John Goss, who died Jan 27, 1827 aged 43 years.  She was an exemplary, and humble christian.

Please Note:  I apologize for not posting but blogger is giving me editing and publishing problems.  So I am sorry for the glitches.  I think I have it fixed for now. I forge on!