April 14, 2011: Revisiting the Old Settlers Cemetery Extra

I headed for the Old Settlers Burial Field across the rail road tracks. Again in the northeast corner of the Middle Cemetery there is a path.  Currently a limb of a pine tree is hanging down in front of it and it is not a wide path.  With the leaves covering the ground it a little obscure.  You walk down the path to the railroad tracks and cross over.  Before you get to the pole painted gray with an orange top (on the left of the railroad tracks) and the cement block (on the right of the railroad tracks) you can see the path down into the cemetery and the tombstones in the distance surrounded by woods.

There is a first stone that marks the name and entrance to the cemetery.  It is charcoal in color! 

I had found a map of this cemetery in the History of Lancaster book by A. Marvin and made a copy of it so I could figure out where Philip Goss was buried.  Someone on Find A Grave had put the numbers from this book there so I could identify Philip by the #156. 

It took just a little searching this time and I found him but it was just this little rock covered with lichen.  There was a triangular shaped stone a few feet away with 1698 on it.  The funny part is the stones were not in a line but out of angle to the row.  I later thought that the grave was situated looking at something.  John Prescott the founder of Lancaster’s memorial plaque is not far. Hmmm…? 

Finding the tombstones of Philip Goss of Roxbury was pretty amazing and something I had wanted to do.  As I was filming about 5 dogs came running at me of assorted breeds.  A lady was walking with them and apologized.  Let’s see?  More like 7 dogs.  Apparently she cannot read that this is not allow.  The dogs didn’t seem to care about  the gravestones.

I have more photos and a video which I will upload after I return home. 

Footstone for Philip Goss (1654 to 1698)

Headstone for Philip Goss (1654 to 1698)

I was now done with my visit to Lancaster, Massachusetts and I needed to set forth on my next adventure.  First Bolton and then I turn the car west to Warwick, Massachusetts.