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This blog Massachusetts Meanderings was a trip I took to seek out and follow in the footsteps of my cousin Paul H. Goss.  Back in the late 1930’s he corresponded with Donald Linus Jacobus about the Goss family history.  He had heard about the stories that his family was Mayflower.  It is a convoluted family history from Mayflower but it is there.

So I started with my “Pennsylvania Wanderings” Blog which I have moved from Blogger to Word Press. Picasa or now Plus Photos has the photos from this blog and I have opened them to public viewing. The links to the new location are being updated as I find them and sorry if I missed one. PA Wanderings was about my travels in Pennsylvania and visiting the Goss Family sites in the Wilkes-Barre area along the Susquehanna River after they came from Massachusetts to settle there in 1769. It still has significance to the Goss history even though it is getting a bit old.


Go here to see view its new format:

There is good news that someone is living near the Old Goss Cemetery below Harveyville that was getting grown over and he is taking tender care of that cemetery. So far no ghost sightings yet! See my BJM Cemetery Discoveries blog for more information about that cemetery.

My blog about my dad’s MacDonald roots “The Man Who Lived Airplanes” at this link:

I have been sharing about my dad’s sister Eddie and her Collection of Junk from her high school days. There has been some new research found and cousins have introduced themselves on that blog which I will be sharing soon. The title of this blog will finally be explained when I share about my dad’s love of airplanes. If it had an airplane engine in it he was there. If have to admit that when the hydroplanes start their engines at Sea Fair it is amazing…the rumble is something you remember.

On my “Barclay’s of Pine River” blog, I have been posting about the murder of my great-grandfather George Barclay. The setting is Pine River in 1898, it is a little mix of the beginnings of CSI, fictional accounts of the murder based on court documents and true accounts of what actually happened to the best of possibilities. Pine River was a bit rough back then.


On the “Solomon Goss” blog John Andrews Spracklin married the youngest daughter of Solomon Goss in 1819 in Washington County, Ohio and they moved up to Knox County, Ohio to live on the land that Solomon had purchased there. John’s father Peter settled in Hardin County, Ohio and they were there till Betty passed in 1860. John and Lydia’s son Daniel married Elizabeth Keller whose mother was Mary Anne Delano Keller.  So I am sharing about the Delano family. I will return to the Spracklins and complete posting about that family and eventually get back to Solomon Goss and how he and Olive Scott Goss made it too Ohio from Pennsylvania and then into the Goss history back to Roxbury in Boston, MA. This blog and that is why I am preserving it for it was my travels in Massachusetts and Connecticut trying to follow the Goss family and generations and their wanderings.  I am not quite done but maybe soon, I will get to Boston again.

It seems like a lot of blogs, and I have been teased about it (giggle), but there is the method to the madness. If I did it all on one blog it would be enormous and confusing, dividing it up in this manner by surname and location helps to tame the confusion. Besides you may not be interested in other lines only the connection and rather spend your time with what is most important to you.

Searching on a blog can be troublesome. I do try to make the categories clear. I also try to keep the links updated. I try to progress forward in the posts so check back a few posts and forward some if you find a topic you are interested in. I do go back and make changes and add new information as it comes available check under Updates. You can also make a comment and I will find you.  Don’t worry your information is safe with me and if you don’t want your email out there just tell me.  I will fix it.  I am also open to making updates and corrections.  So please let me know.

The Man Who Lived Airplanes is my dad’s McDonald/MacDonald side. The Barclay blog is his paternal family through Grace Amarilla Barclay McDonald daughter of Amarilla Spracklin Barclay who goes back to the Spracklins, Kellers, Delano and Goss who came to Ohio and back to New England.

April 10, 2011 - The Brookfields

The Goss family being a huge undertaking with them it is much easier to separate them out using Ohio as the convergence zone for these families. If you have noticed it is all my dad, Keith’s, side of the family in these three blogs. Yes he is a mix of deep New England roots and old Canadian roots. My family moves from the east coast going west on the Canadian side and the United States side.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the McDonald’s fought the Goss at some point.

Did I mention my mother’s blog? “The Boardman’s and Browns of Winnipeg.” They came from England to New Brunswick and Ontario to Manitoba and further West.

So breaking it up makes it easier for you to focus on the side of the family that you are most interested in, rather than get bogged down in some other line.

Don’t forget my BJM Cemetery Discoveries blog where I highlight cemeteries I have visited and that includes my family history cemeteries where my ancestors are peacefully resting.

I have a lot more to share so get ready the future is awaiting.

Have fun exploring…Bonnie


8 thoughts on “Things to Know!

  1. Hi, just googled Daisy Emil Alice Colbeck /Boardman. Your blogs showed up.
    I am Kathleen Suzanne Boardman , daughter of William Edmund Boardman and Jean I Miller Boardman. We live in Arroyo Grande, Ca.


    • Kathleen, I have several blogs and you ended up on my Massachusetts Meanderings blog with your comment. I know that you are referring to my Boardman and Brown Blog. I am so glad you stopped by no matter which blog my cousin. I have always wanted to see your father’s final resting place and learn more about the fate of Daisy his mother and wife of my uncle William Thomas Boardman or whom I call Willie. Here is the link to my Boardman and Brown blog where I share what I know about Willie and Daisey Emily Alice Colbeck Boardman:

      I will contact you via email and we can chat. Thanks again for stopping by.


  2. Bonnie, I am new fan of your blogging and photography! Amazing work, thank you! I am involved with the Quaboag Historical Society and wondered if I might have permission to use some of your great photos? I also have Goss information and resources for you. Best, Dan


    • Dan: Thanks, this is my Mass Meanderings and it is getting old. Visiting that society was great. I am about to go on another trip so go ahead and use the website photos but if you like I can send you the better quality ones later when I return. I have yet to write about the Goss family in detail on my Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. in Ohio blog. On the right side of this you should find a listing for my other blogs. At some point I will incorporate all this into the blog and it will more sense. I will get back to you when I return from my vacation. Bonnie


  3. Hi, Bonnie. Your blog came up in a Google Search for Stephen Delano. In one of your entries (Goss Family blog), you mentioned Delano and Keller and the name “Wingert” in documents you reviewed at the DAR Library. My maiden name is Wingert and I am a descendent of Stephen Delano and Mary Shaw through their daughter Elizabeth Delano Soule Tossey. If you are still researching, I’d love to compare notes about the Delanos and Kellers in Ohio. Thanks, Joan


    • Yes, I did. I was at the DAR Library my very first time and was given in the restricted area the Goss File and the Philip Goss File and there were documents with Wingert in them. I believe a lot is online now at their website. These two files are what started my madness in genealogy. What you need to do is go to my Solomon Goss in Fearing Twp. blog and you will find a lot on the Delano family. I connect to them because Daniel D. Spracklin married Elizabeth Keller and her mother was Mary Ann Delano Keller and her father was John Keller. This Massachusetts Blog is getting old and a lot will be reincorporated into the story of the Goss Family. So at some point I will remove it from the internet and turn it into a PDF on a PAGE at the top of Solomon Goss Blog. Let me give you a email off line and we can chat about the Delano’s. At the top of the blog are PAGES that act like Table of Contents of the posts I have written so hover and make a choice for Delano Family. Thanks for stopping by. Bonnie


  4. Hi,

    I have enjoyed your blog on the Goss family. We descend from John and Polly Goss’s daughter, Hannah. I was disappointed to read that you are no longer working as a genealogist for hire. Is there someone you might recommend to help me and my family obtain information about my Goss line. Thanking you in advance for your time.

    Ruth Stevens


    • Ruth: Thanks for stopping by. You might want go to my Solomon Goss Blog and you will find a lot of research on the Goss family. I am currently working on Philip Goss and Hannah Darby and their son Philip and wife Huldah. I retired from the professional side back in about 2015. I am still diligent working on getting as much of my research on our family out there. I will be writing about John and Polly soon. You have several options. It sort of depends on where you live. You can try your local genealogical society and see if there is someone there that might be of help to you or help to direct you. There is the Association of Professional Genealogists and their chapters. Be careful they are not all that good. Again it is location specific. The Board of Certified Genealogists has well trained genealogists. I would highly recommend that you get specific about what you want them to do. John and Polly were tough to research. Let me contact you off line and we can chat. Bonnie


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